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Artist Statement

Rest in Beauty Series

     The 'Rest in Beauty' series focuses on modern-day 'Vanitas,' highlighting the contrast between beauty and decay by presenting discarded or misplaced items on the streets or outdoor floors as the main subjects. This series evokes nostalgia and sparks curiosity about the forgotten and newly discovered.


     I come across most of these objects while on the move. While some belong in nature, I find beauty in all of them, appreciating their shapes, colors, and the untold stories they carry. What once was, what currently exists, and what will be, transformed into a lasting physical representation of what once was a fleeting thought for many, inviting viewers to reconsider what surrounds us and is often overlooked.

     I firmly believe that objects have their biographies. These unknown stories are interpreted and reimagined as words or 'poems' and visually retold through mixed media on canvas boards. I write these 'poems' to accompany the objects, adding to their stories and possibilities and leaving them open to the viewers' interpretations, allowing them to make the experience their own. Fragments of these 'poems' are embedded within the artwork, becoming an integral part of it.


     My 'poems' delve into the connection between our emotions and the ongoing healing and mental health process. They bear the weight of our collective experiences and provide comfort, understanding, and moments of reflection. I explore the complex feelings associated with healing, capturing our vulnerability, strength, and capacity for change. Through my words, I aim to portray the ups and downs of being human, reminding us that healing is not a linear path but a continuous cycle of self-reflection and self-care. My poems offer support, emphasizing that our healing journeys are vital to humanity.

     The artwork features minimal backgrounds, creating a sense of a specific moment and place while keeping the focus on the presented objects. The deliberate positioning of the subject matter on the canvas disrupts harmony, reducing the notion of perfection to probability and reflecting each object's purpose of existence and perceived beauty. By using recycled Kraft paper bags as the surface for my artwork, I strengthened the idea of rediscovery and repurposing of the subject matter. Additionally, the small size of the work enhances an intimate relationship between the art and the viewer.

     My artwork is an extension of myself, a means to express what emerges in creative existence at the moment of perception and emotion.

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